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Scholarly sources

Different sources: –learned about ProQuest in class the other day. —– –Scholarly internet sources, search by category or key words– Journals primary sources and now including Books by librarians over 35,000 sources–Merge of internet public library and librarians internet index

Narrow your search terms to find more focused pieces of scholarly info on your analysis

Eg.) My original Kendrick Lamar search came up with multiple sources and it was hard to find one that spoke directly to my point, I narrowed the search to Kendrick Lamar’s literary background and found much more direct, concise articles on the subject

This can also go vice-verse, sometimes it is hard to find a scholarly source based on your literary topic. For many of the sites above the search Kendrick Lamar did not show very many sources, you may have to switch your search terms to something more general.

Eg.) Kendrick Lamar did not receive any feedback on some of these sites. So I switched my search term to East/West rap rivalry and then to Literary Rap Roots. These more general terms helped me to find background on my subjects rather than a very precise view.



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