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Kendrick Lamar Control

Here are some of my favorite sources so far:

These are just some of the very many great sources I have found. The first couple of links were found off of a very common Google search, To find a good majority of my links I simply searched into Google: Kendrick Lamar or Kendrick Lamar Control, or even just Control verse. I gathered a good number of sources off of these simple searches and proceeded to move onto more elusive articles. I refined my searches adding incredibly specific language such as: Kendrick Lamar Control Verse Ft Big Sean Literary impact or Kendrick Lamar Control Verse implications on Drake/Jay electron/ Mac Miller/ etc. As I moved onto these more in-depth searches I began to find more and more interesting articles. These articles often offered links to other great articles regarding the impact the verse/Kendrick have had on the rap game.


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